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thumbnails have a gastly blue border!

    My thumbnails are on a white back ground.
    When others go to look at them they have a ghastly blue border around them!
    This ruins the aesthetic masterpiece i’ve created!
    I’m using Opera (it's brilliant!)
    Apple Mac shows a blue border too, when the curser is on a thumbnail that boarder changes to red!!
    I have to have no boarders show up on other browsers and PC's!
    Is it their settings? Or something I’ve done?
    I can put add a note telling them how to set their machine so that a blue boarder don't show up!?
    Is it in their browser settings or is it my blogg settings?!

  2. Got a link to your blog so we see what theme you're using and what exactly is happening?

  3. You just need to modify the html tags for the images. You can do this within posts by switching over to the code view, or in the sidebar by modifying the html code that you've pasted into the text widget. What you'll need to do is specify that the border="0"

    When I use a tag like this I get that awful blue border:
    <img src="">

    To remove the border, I modify the tag so it looks like this:
    <img src="" border="0">

  4. thanx both of you.
    really greatful.

    sean best!
    you are the best!
    am really illiterate about these things, although i painstakingly taught my self how to put my pictures together in the way i wanted them to look – no idea that the blue border would show up on others browsers!.

    i’ve looked at my code string[?]. and can’t find how/where to add the "0 border" code!
    pls will you be a star and take a look at one of my image code string and show me where i need to insert what you have suggested
    ie yours
    <img src="" border="0">

    <img ALT="sunlight for dark deeds" SRC="" />

  5. letters missing again, at end of string!
    i'm such a novis
    " / > < / a >

    sorry - can't see how to edit my precious entries.
    i hope i can delete all of this once i'm sorted!

  6. border=0
    [space] border=0[space]
    eg in code mode look for this:
    bla bal bal...........thumbnail.jpg" [put the above here] />

  7. helen, you have to insert the border="0" attribute *inside* the a tag, like this:
    <a href="" border="0"><img src="" alt="sunlight for dark deeds" /></a>
    Use backticks to post code in this forum, it'll look like the box just above this line.

  8. So I could also lose the drop shadow thing around my photos? I thought it would be a theme thing.

  9. lazyaussie, this is a dirty workaround, but it works. To remove the drop shadow from an image on mistylook just add following style to your img tag:
    <img src="" alt="mytext" style="border:none;padding:0;" />

  10. thanks mate

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