Thumbnails "look" the same size as full size in my galleries

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    I know the size (measurement) of thumbnails is smaller than medium or full size, however, I did a few test posts with thumbnail size and full size. I don’t really see a big difference when viewing them. I think the thumbnails take a second to load (shows only half of the picture, and then the full size).

    Is there an advantage to using thumbnail size, such as saving upload space, or other?

    My blog is still new, but I want to save space. I do re-size all my images to 800×600 before uploading them to

    The blog I need help with is



    Upload space depends on the size of the file you upload, not the displayed size.
    The default widths for thumbnail, medium etc are set in Settings > Media.
    For a more accurate answer, publish one of these test posts so we can check it.



    Thanks, I thought about that after posting. I understand now, the choice to display the thumbnails doesn’t make any difference to my upload space, only when I originally upload.

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