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    Is the any possible way to generate thumbnails of media gallery pictures into a page? I have lots of pictures on my blog and i want to generate a thumbnails page of them. i have checked [gallery] function but thats not the solution. I have read support forum, faq but no clue.

    Any ideas, suggestions?


    At wordpress.COM there isn’t anyway to do that except manually by inserting each image into a page from the media library.



    Ideally, this is what Gallery was meant to do, but you are right that Gallery won’t work here because the images are already uploaded and in your media library.

    Since there is no autogenerated thumbnails page, you’d have to create a table and manually insert each thumbnail image linked to the corresponding larger image or Attachment page.


    Here’s a (manual but rather quick) way to do it:

    Go to Settings>Media, set Default media links to File and Default media links to Thumbnail (with suitable numbers for the thumbnail size, say 100-100), save.

    Then go to your media library. Open a new window in your browser, go to Write>Page (visual editor), drag-and-drop the images from the library to the page editor, publish.

    Depending on the theme, the result may or may not look ok (in some themes the thumbnails have frames and/or space around them while in others they get stuck together), so you may have to to do some editing afterwards (or switch to a suitable theme, if yours isn’t).

    If the images are too many, you can use this code (in the html page editor) every once in a while to break the total into a sequence of numbered pages:



    @panaghiotisadam-you are my hero. Brilliant, just brilliant.

    If your theme sticks the thumbnails together, you can then go to the HTML editor and put &nbsp; between them, which will move them exactly one space apart.


    @justjennifer: Thanks! I had done that with links, so I thought it would somehow work with images, too, and I tried it. Proved to be my successful experiment of the day!

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