Thumbnails vs. Original photos

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    Hi – I’ve been searching for info. on this problem for about an hour and haven’t been able to find anything so I’m posting here. (Sorry if this is already answered somewhere).

    When I upload an image from my hard-drive and follow the instructions that are posted on Dr. Mike’s blog, everything works fine. However, I want the original image (the bigger size) to be posted on my blog but I keep getting the thumbnail to post (which, when you click on the thumbnail goes to the larger version of the image). How can I have the original sized image post to my blog as opposed to the thumbnail.

    NOTE: I click on the Use Original option in the the Browse window but it keeps posting the thumbnail. Help!



    Click on the image when it says thumbnail. It then changes to original. Click on “send to editor”. Because if you click on original before you “send to editor” it will change back to thumbnail and you will keep sending the thumbnail to the editor.Hope this helps.:)


    I must be blog-challenged or something but I tried doing what you said 20 times or so and it still is only loading the thumbnails and not the original image. ????


    Ok, when you upload the photo, it appears down the bottom. then if you left click there will be a box that appears over the photo you have just uploaded.

    the box says:

    using thumbnail
    not linked
    send to editor
    close options

    What you do is:

    left click on using thumbnails, and then it comes up saying:

    using originial… which is what you want to do.

    so then you:

    left click send to editor, and it puts in in the post in the original size.

    Does that help :)




    Please note that the blog in question is not worksafe. :)

    Someone else is going to have to take this on as I better not bring it up here.


    Still not working for me. Maybe there is a bug?



    drmike says your blog is not “work safe”. That means the rest of us will not be clicking on it to see whatever or whomever you may be selling there. Moreover, I do not think you will be getting the kind of attention you expect from Admin. Perhaps you have forgotten the terms for getting a website here and maybe you should review them. Got the picture?



    The content of that site is well within our TOS.
    While some people may not like it, and while it may not be something to be in the company browser cache it is perfectly okay as content here.

    NSFW – Not safe For Work does not necessarily mean selling / nasty / bad / porn. It is purely advice for those people who would like to help but are using company computers or would choose not to see certain things online (each to their own on that one). Some bloggers do not realise that the NSFW acronym exists just like some bloggers don’t mind who they help. It’s a courtesy thing – and if someone has not known that’s fair enough.

    But the content on is not in violation of the TOS.



    Where did you upload the pictures? I upload mine at imageshack and supload. Thumbnails would be better for users who have dial-up when they visit your site. If you’re going to post tons of pictures, then thumbnails would be better. Or maybe it’s a technical problem which I know nothing about.



    Julie, I had a similar problem when I first started, (and I am no techno person, so please correct me if I say something stupid) so maybe I can understand your problem better.
    First thing to check, have you uploaded the thumbnail pictures? Thumbnail pictures usually have only a few kbytes. I made that mistake before and when I clicked and dragged the picture frames to enlarge them, the pictures lost their clarity.
    Now if you have uploaded the full files, you should be able to upload the original size as livingjournal said. If not, you can select the picture, click and drag to the size you like.
    But you should really try Flickr, its not that difficult. See FAQ if you don’t know how to do it. Your pictures will load up much quicker. Also, you only have limited storage space of 25MB on your WordPress picture browser and if you upload high quality pictures, you will reach your limit after 20 photos and i assume yours is a phot blog.
    For those who asked how much storage space left, here is one way of finding it out: in your picture browser, click ‘browse all’, and right click on the property of each picture stored to get the size and the sum of them is total space used. Keymasters, am I right to do it that way?



    If you optimise your images then space need not be a worry.
    Take a look at the optimised image here of the pigeon:

    25MB is 25600Kb
    The image is 72Kb
    so that space would fit at least 350 images (if my maths isn’t too far off). That’s a fair number of images.

    Using alternate space isn’t going to hurt and Flickr has other advantages too but the single best thing to do to any image that will be displayed online is to optimise it.



    Thanks for another good tips.



    I have too many librarians who look over my shoulder to see what I’m working on so I have to play it safe. They know I work on stuff like WordPress and Wikipedia and a number of other Open Sourse projects as well as my hosting. Getting my *cough* kicked out of here would put a serious damper on what I would be able to do on line. Especially since I live in the one part of town here which still doesn’t have an digitial support. :)



    to drmike – she said understood (sigh)

    to Julie on her site timethief said,

    May 28, 2006 @ 8:15 pm

    This is a sincere apology for visiting your site yesterday for 30 seconds and leaping to conclusions based on a single phrase posted on the forum. I’m no prude Julie [she said miserbably] and in fact I have been a nude model on many occasions for my photographer friends. On the down side you are an artist just as I am and I’m truly sorry I implied otherwise. On the up side Podz’s post probably sent you lots of vistors to your photoblog. I’ll also understand if you prefer not to post this comment. But if you’re into it please feel free to drop by anytime at

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