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Thumnails too small, change size?

  1. I love that blogger allows you to set the thumbnail size when uploading pictures. I love this idea, and wish that we could have three choices of thumbnail sizes, because the current size is waaaay too small. You can barely decipher what the image is at that size... Will this possibly be a feature in the future?

  2. If you click the picture on the banner with all uploaded, there are a couple options. One says "Thumbnail Used" if you click it, it will change to the entire picture being used. Then you can freely change the size.

  3. Sorry but I am trying to modified the size of the thumbnail as you said, but can't find the option. Where exactly you said it is?

  4. Actually I do believe we're stuck with the thumbnail height. (I've noticed that the width can change but the height is set.) I've not found anything method of changing it. Paradox is mentioning using the full size instead of the thumbnail.


  5. That really sucks! I will give another try. I am also having problems editing my posts. I am trying to change the pictures and for some reason, the old pictures keep appearing even after I delete the command line from the editor. Image managing is becoming tricky. Is like if the blogger was moody. Just works when it wants too.

  6. It seems that the problem was solved. Using the original size works pretty good, you just have to make your original in a good size.

  7. For the record I think paradox is suggesting using CSS to make the browser scale down the image for you after you've added the "fullsize" from the options. For example:

    <img src="yourimage.jpg" style="width:200px;">

    Unfortunately this thing is chopped out by the editor, so the only option is to size the fullsize to your requirements

  8. I am having same problem. My art is very tall. Which means the thumbnail looks like a little stamp-sized smear. I really wish WordPress had a blogger like option of posting sml/med/lrg thumbnails.

    I can't post original art either. It spills over the next column.

    Currently the thumbnails look like a**. See for yourself.


  9. That's what a thumbnail is suppose to look like. It's suppose to be a sample. Just because Blogger does something doesn't mean it's correct. Just look at all their spblogs that they keep up there.

    Best bet would be to submit a Feedback from your dashboard and suggest this feature. I don't think that staff will go along with the idea (Please remember that 70%+ of the folks who surf the web are still on dial up. That's why we have thumbnails) but you are free to suggest it.

  10. This may seem very simplistic but it works. One can resize an image in microsoft Paint (photoshop or whatever) to a size that is larger than thumbanil but smaller than full size and then link it to the full size image hosted off site by flickr (photobucket or whatever). So having done that is there really a problem? I found that this works fine for me so rather than fretting about what can't be done or hasn't been done as yet here is a workaround that can be utilized immediately.

  11. I am in the process of testing both. I am more partial to WordPress. But I like the Blogger's thumbnail feature better. Never said Blogger is correct.

    You can have a dial-up friendly thumbnail at a decent size.

    Here's my humble suggestion:
    An ability to make your own thumbnail that links to a larger image. The image to be kept at predetermined a dial-up friendly size (pixel dimensions and/or kb).

    I just wanted to see all available options before sending feedback.

  12. You read my mind timethief. Registered on flickr yesterday w/ this exact solution in mind.
    Just haven't started playing w/ it yet. Thanks all the same.

  13. I just wanted to see all available options before sending feedback.

    Not a problem. Good luck.

    I'm one of those dial up users (which is why I use the area colleges for my online time) I can't get a better connection than 2kb a sec from my apartment. Lots of fun.

  14. Just to note, it has been talked about for the regular WordPress code if you want to pass that along when you make your suggestion.

    Hope this helps,

  15. Thanks. I will. Till then Flickr link's a damn good fix. Their 240 px option works fine.
    The 500 px option screws up WordPress template.

  16. @dshodan
    They look much better. You can see enough to read them. :)

  17. Maybe I'm missing something, but there's absolutely no problem in resizing thumbnails in WordPress. Just don't use the "thumbnail" feature! Instead, click on the image you want to add in the "Browse" or "Browse All" pane, specify "Using Original" (rather than "Using Thumbnail"), and specify "Linked To Image" (rather than "Not Linked"). Click "Send to Editor", then just resize the image in your post. That's it.

    (This does suppose that you're using a browser like Firefox that supports dynamic resizing of images in the post editor. I don't know that this would work in Safari...or at least, you might have to do something else in order to get it to work.)

  18. gmalectic,
    Will check your tip on Firefox when I get back to my PC. Right now I'm chained to a Mac. Safari is not as WP friendly as Firefox.

    Just downloaded Camino from the lovely people at Mozillla. Very impressive. Fast and plays nice w/ WP. Will let you know re: dynamic resizing on Camino.

  19. djshodan: Just install Firefox on your Mac. It works great, though I do use Safari most of the time as it's a fair amount faster.

  20. I know this topic is quite old, but I just came upon this problem today when I wanted bigger thumbnails. Here are a few steps you can take if you're feeling spunky and are using wordpress on your own webserver:

    [Removed suggestions as we don't have access to the files here at - drmike]

    There are actually several other things you might do, but this is a start. Write back if you have problems.

  21. Here's an example of what I do.
    <img src="" border="0" width"135" height="180" alt="apple"
    I remove the thumbnail portion in the html editor. Then I put in the size I want. I prefer no border so I add that in.
    You can see the results here:

  22. Sorry, I have to go along with what Drmike says in that I can't get a much better connection than 2kb a sec; and a large part of my target audience gets even slower, while some read solely through the photos. The wordpress thumbnails load a lot lot faster or leave a smaller amount of blank space when they dont load than the solutions that some replies are suggesting. The thumbnail is a smaller file versus the original file size with fewer pixals - well I dont know about the latter...

    I just happen to disagree with Drmike where he says "Actually I do believe we're stuck with the thumbnail height. (I've noticed that the width can change but the height is set.)" My latest post has the exactly the one and the same thumbnail at different heights and widths. It mayn't make sense, but nothing's impossible!

  23. bbaunach, we don't have access to the files here as this is a WPMU install which is a sharded environment. You may want to read though the Read me first to learn the differences between the softwares.

    forest, you appear to be doing what blumoon suggests and manually setting the heights and widths. That's beyond what the WP software does for you. (But does work though.)

  24. Just because there is some claim that 70% of users use dial up does not mean that people should be forced into a particular thumbnail size. Please note that there are some themes out there that definitely not intended for dial-up users.

    I don't see the big deal in adding a simple function to change the thumbnail size. Look what people are doing as an alternative: not using the thumbnail. Which means that people who upload 1MB photos and "resize" them in the editor are simply changing the HTML properties. The file size does not change. You dial-up folks are still downloading one MB when all the blogger wanted is for you to download a slightly larger thumbnail.

    Instead of ignoring a problem, find a better alternative.

    P.S. I have no personal problem with this. I'm quite capable of hacking the code and checking the default, but not everybody should have to. I always prided WordPress as giving people all the flexibility they wanted. It may be an oversight by the developers and that's fine, but what I don't understand is people who are defending a lack of a feature. People, expand your minds, the customer is always right.

  25. For me it works okay, since I do not post high resolution photos on my site. I know that changing the thumbnail size causes it to load at the original file size, but since mine are not big, I don't worry. :)

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