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    Hi, in 2009 I tinkered with setting up a blog…annalouisehaigh.wordpress.com….I made one post and have done nothing since. Today, having forgotten about the previous one, I set up a whole new one but had to use a different url – @ soulisticwisdom because, as it turns out what I wanted to use, @annalouisehaigh was still in use on my old site. Having taken the time to set up my new site as I want it (so far) what I want to do is change @soulisticmentor to @annalouisehaigh and get rid of the original site. Am concerned that if I delete my original (annalouisehaigh.wordpress.com) that I will not be able to change @soulisticmentor to @annalouisehaigh . Sorry for the newbie type request for help! Can you help please?

    The blog I need help with is annalouisehaigh.wordpress.com.





    thanks….if I export from @soulisticmentor to @annalouisehaigh will that work and save the content that I posted today…it is doing the rounds on Fb at the moment…or am I just better living with it?



    I’m not clear on exactly what it is that you want to achieve.

    Are you trying to change your username?

    Are you trying to change the site title?
    The Site title (blog name) and/or the optional Tagline can be changed on the top of this page at any time. > Settings > General … “save changes”.

    That is exactly where search engine spiders look for the site title and removing it from there can cause issues with getting your content indexed. Note that the site title (blog name) and blog address URL do not have to be the same but it’s better for SEO (search engine optimization) if they are the same.


    Thanks for your quick reply. I appreciate I may not be explaining this well! Basically my title for both sites is the same – Anna-Louise Haigh. the old one has @annalouisehaigh and the one I set up today has @soulisticmentor . I didn’t realise I had the old one until this evening. All I am trying to achieve is to have Anna-Louise Haigh @annalouisehaigh with the content and settings I created today. I have looked at exporting @soulisticmentor to @annalouisehaigh and it seems straightforward enough and if this is the answer then I will do it then delete @soulisticmentor. I fully appreciate that it is best to have both the same and this is what I did way back in 2009….it is just that until I was exploring wp this evening that I found my old stuff! Thanks once again.


    as you can see…..my first comment came from @annalouisehaigh and my second came from @soulisticmentor……alternately I could just set up my preferred site as I did with the other one today and use that in future. lol!

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