Tiled Gallery, aka Mosaic, problem with IE

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    Anyone notice a problem viewing the tiled gallery in Internet Explorer?
    I was reviewing site compatibility and found everything looked pretty good using IE8, however the gallery photos became a skinny vertical line on the screen. I love this feature, but I need the photos to be viewable.

    A sample is here: Gallery Page

    The blog I need help with is homosassarivergardenclub.wordpress.com.




    Sorry, IE8 has been deprecated with the arrival of Win8.

    You’ll have to upgrade your browser to at least IE9 or move on to a different browser, such as Chrome or Firefox. You can find them here: http://browsehappy.com/


    Thanks for the replies, but I’m already familiar with the tiles existence (and provided a link to my page using them already) and I personally run Firefox (which reads the page just fine).

    The offered link didn’t mention IE8 not being able to read the images. So it still may be an unknown issue. I think there are plenty of people that haven’t rushed out to get Win8 (I know people still on WinXP). There may even be those still running IE7, but I only had IE8 available to check compatibility.

    Like I said, I love the look of the feature, but unless they can fix that I’m going to have to go back to old unsexy gallery.

    Since I’m new here, can you direct me to the right place to send WordPress an alert to the issue. Or do they not want those comments.



    Being an outdated browser, problems with more current browsers will get priority. (Staff reply here)


    That is a shame. I made a not quite satisfactory patch, by screen-capturing the gallery and posting that as a separate page. I posted a line that IE users may need to view images “here” with a hyperlink to it. Ate up my memory needlessly and the image isn’t as sharp, but it will work until I no longer need the page of pictures.

    Thanks for the responses-



    Here’s the October ranking for browser use. http://www.w3schools.com/browsers/browsers_stats.asp Click on Internet Explorer to see the breakdown by version. I am sure the numbers changed when IE10 was released with Windows8.

    Google also removed support for IE8 mid-November; others will no doubt follow suit. IMHO you would be doing your visitors a service to point them to Browse Happy or similar to update their browser.


    I’d feel better is wordpress.com offered a way to track what browsers are used at the site. Then I’d really know if I need to be bothered at all. There are plugins for WP.org and from what I gather Google Analytics requires inserting their script into the footer ,which I don’t think I can do on WP.com (correct me if I’m wrong).

    There was a bunch of chatter earlier this year, that the global browser numbers may be off. As I understand it, w3schools bases it on people coming to their site and if they get a more tech-friendly crowd, then that alone might skew it away from IE. At this point, I think I just have to learn to be happy with things as they are.

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