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    Hi guys!
    I can’t put my galleries in tiled mode (rectangular, square, circle). I guess i’m using the shortcode ok.. [gallery type = “square” columns="4" orderby="rand"]
    That should work…
    It’s something to do with the Oxygen template? It doesn’t support it?

    The blog I need help with is joanavieiraphot.wordpress.com.


    Eureka! I found the problem…
    Worpress guys were using some fancy “”” and i was copying it.
    That was the only problem…
    Well, maybe this will be usefull for someone!



    The correct Gallery shortcode for the mosaic is
    [gallery type="rectangle"]

    and not “rectangular” and you do need to be very careful where you put spaces and quotation marks.



    Additionally it seems that the new “type” parameter in the Gallery shortcode doesn’t work with the columns, orderby or size parameters.



    Hi, I am trying to use the
    [gallery type="rectangle"]

    and the same old non-tiled gallery shows up every time…



    .. to give your Gallery a more homogeneous display, you can also set all your Gallery photos to display as a Mosaic by checking the box in your Dashboard>Settings>Media>Image Gallery Carousel>Tiled Galleries> Display all your gallery pictures in a cool mosaic. http://gammagirl.wordpress.com/2012/09/26/circles-squares-and-mosaics-the-gallery-feature-gets-another-makeover/



    Rats! Please see that same post I linked to but scroll down to the bottom “UPDATE and CORRECTION ”



    There seems to be a bit of confusion whether the parameter is “rectangle” or “rectangular” and I’m trying to get some clarity from Staff. Meantime, try each.

    @supersita- However, please post a link to your WordPress.com site, starting with http:// to make it clickable so we know you are posting in the right forum.

    @tt-thanks for the link, but better to link to the Gallery Demo post instead http://agallerydemo.wordpress.com/2012/10/05/shapes-and-mosaics-new-ways-of-displaying-your-gallery-thumbnails/



    I’m also having problems with the gallery not showing up in posts with the Twenty-ten theme. I’ve posted a question in the Themes forum and am awaiting a reply.

    I’ve done everything I need to do with the exception of typing in the HTML code; is that something we will need to do for each and every post? The mosaic option is not automatic? If that’s the case I will never use it. Too bad.



    Sorry for the confusion—rectangle and rectangular should both work the same.

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