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Time and date

  1. I am unable to change my time and date when I post. It presently shows 14th of January. Changing timestamp works, but when other people comment, the date and time comes back to the wrong ones. How do I change this?? I need the present date and time as default options.


  2. Check the date and time on your computer itself and make sure it is correct, as is the timezone. Also check to make sure that your computer will automatically check and set the time and date via the internet whenever your computer is connected. (Control Panels in windows or system preferences in Mac).

    Check the UTC offset in wordpress (options > general) and make sure it is the correct offset for your timezone. Make sure and click "update options" when you are done to save the changes.

  3. hey
    thanks a lot!! well, my time is +530.. and it doesnt seem to work.. whereas +6 or +5 work...
    thks a lot again!


  4. The adjustments are always whole numbers and represent the number of time zones you are away from UTC. If you go here you can enter your location/time zone and it will indicate for you your UTC offset.

  5. You can also go here (which has all the time zones of the world) and pick your time zone and at the top it will indicate your offset from UTC

  6. hey,
    i thought it was set right, but my default time appears to be wrong now. I set the time difference as +6, the UTC time now is 10:27 AM, but my default time comes to be 12:27 PM...

  7. hi again,
    this is even worse. my timestamp shows the correct time, but when I post it, it comes out to be wrong. Like I checked it just now with an arbitrary post, the time stamp showed 16:45 hrs, but the post itself showed 12:34 PM.. unable to understand what's happening. Help me please!!


  8. hey,
    it's done. Guess we all learn by exploring and searching a little bit more.
    Thanks a lot.
    Will come back to you with more problems for sure!!
    And if this recurs, please do bear with me!!


  9. @naren
    Glad the date thing is sorted out and you are welcome.

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