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Time and date of post is incorrect

  1. I worked on a post last night. I wrote a draft but left it to complete today. I made some edits and pushed the publish button about an hour ago - it did not show up in the reader, at least I didn't think it had until I scrolled way down - it lists itself as being published 19 hours ago. In my admin panel it lists no recent revisions, just that it was published 19 hours ago. This means that no one will find it in the reader - can you change the time of publication for me? Can you tell me how to?

    This is the post in question :

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You can't. There is a built in software prohibition from doing exactly that. Every post is displayed under the original date of publication only. That stopped the bloggers were were changing date stamps continually to game the system and it was implemented years ago.

  3. Hmmm. That makes sense - What can you do if the time is incorrect? It's like they used the time of my first photo upload instead of the actual time I pushed publish. My notifications for links came in correctly - but the post time is just off.

  4. The time is usually irrelevant from a search engine perspective. The default timezone is UTC time. You have been posting in this blog since 2012 so I assume you have your correct date a timezone ie. the one you live in set here > Settings > General

  5. I have noticed a "feature" of the editor that depending on how the Post was made and edited, it can as you noticed, hang onto an older date and time - the only way I figured out to deal with this "feature" is to double check the time date before I hit publish - when I was making Posts with Windows Live Writer I noticed this behavior

  6. Timethief - I do have the time set correctly. The only real issue is the placement in the reader almost a day after it was posted. If someone subscribes by email, they got it when it actually posted. auxclass - I started this one on my iPad and finished it online on my Mac. I use the iPad to upload photos, but generally start a new post online and pull from the media library so that I can add captions. I noticed all my publicize features worked at the actual time of publication.

  7. What is the URL of this post?

  8. That's exactly what I thought. Tagged for a Staff response.

  9. Thank you

  10. You can adjust the time of a published post via the Publish box to the right when you're editing it, but that may not affect your placement in the Reader depending on how long it has been cached.

  11. That did it! Thank you!

  12. You're welcome!

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