Time and date stamps out of order

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    When surfing the tag portion of the site, some of the blogs from months and sometimes years prior, are mixed in with the most recent.

    For example: I can make a post to my blog and tag it with “blogging”. I go to the tag portion of the site under “blogging” and there are three posts before mine that instead of having a recent date or an even more recent timestamp… there is a “6 years ago” or several in a chain: 4 months ago, 6 months ago, 7 months ago, etc…

    It’s as though some of the blogs have their entire content re-posted.

    I’ve noticed this error in just about every tag link I’ve clicked to.

    Thanks for your time.




    Sometimes people will retroactively add tags to their old blog posts. Usually it’s not meant to bump them, but it can function that way, as you’ve noticed. If you see certain blogs doing this repeatedly for different tags, you might consider dropping a Feedback naming those blogs and indicating exactly what you see. Attempts to game the system are against the Terms of Service here.

    Full disclosure: I made a trent reznor tag a couple of weeks ago and have just updated my old TR posts to include it, but I didn’t do that to bump them; I did it to facilitate navigation. That’s a legitimate reason to do it.



    Also if you predate you’re posts, you’ll see that as well. When i had the webcomic here, I had the posts loaded up for months and they were alreasy listed even though the posts hadn’t published yet. Staff knows about the issue though.


    I’ve just realised that if I change the date stamp on a page its url alters too. Trouble is, on my type of blog, I have several posts (and pages) which need to be re-ordered and thus re-dated in the list from time to time to reflect current events and news items.

    So, the links I put on some posts and pages some time ago do not point to the new url – the date is diferent – making the link give a ‘page not found’ error report.

    You haven’t got some sort of software which could fix this, with a click on each post edit, say? Or alternatively, something which could identify broken internal links, so that we could alter them manually?

    Just a thought.

    Thank you.

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