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    How do I go about changing the time setting on the posts. The time is currently 4 hours ahead of est in which I would like this to be. Any help would be appreciated.
    Blog url: http://nicole3153.wordpress.com/

    The blog I need help with is fishtankblogbailiwick.net.



    The default is UTC and you change it here > > Settings > General
    select a city in the dropdown menu in the same timezone you are in
    save changes



    This is as close to my question but instead of time it’s the displayed website – when hovering over the display I changed the website, it appears the old website. Does it take a certain amount of time to update? Or did I miss a step in changing? I want it to show as slowmoneyfarm.com but on a forum it’s still appearing as writenowbiz.com – is it just me or did it really change? Thanks!!

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