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Time Format

  1. Hello, sorry to disturb, but what's the result you get for this setting? Thanks in advance for your help.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Oops! Sorry, it was Y/m/d \a\t g:i A (in glotpress) but it doesn't matter, just telling me what's the result on your own website would be fantastic. Thanks :)

  3. Sorry, me again (this topic isn't about a translation issue)
    Could it be this " \.\.\." variable to be missing or incorrect in the php or so?
    (the opinion of someone familiar with this language would be more than welcome)

  4. According to the documentation on time settings linked from the Dashboard>Settings>General Settings Y/m/d \a\t g:i A should produce

    2010/11/06 at 12:50 AM

  5. Hello, justjennifer. Thanks for your reply.
    Yes, it "should", but it doesn't...
    Currently \a\t g:i A produces this: \am\31 11:47 AM
    Did you try successfuly, or have any idea how to get the correct result?

  6. In french "am/pm" does not exist.
    We say: Publié le 29 mars à 11h 58
    So we need this \h function
    Many of us have tried, in vain

  7. For "29 mars à 11h 58" you need this (without the space between & and #):

    d F à h& #104; i

  8. In case that's not clear, this (without the spaces)
    & # 1 0 4 ;
    is the HTML for the letter h.

  9. Justpi, you're just awesome :D
    THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH!!! ٩(•̃-•̃ )۶♥

  10. You're welcome!

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