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Time issue. It changes day at 7 pm. I am EST

  1. I have tried -4, -5, +4 and many other combinations to set the clock on my blog. It usually does not care what I set and changes the date arond 7pm EST. Can you kindly help me.

    We expect the blog options should give us a choice of which time zone to set and that would resolve the issue

    Since -4 is not working can you let me know how to set the clock to EST

  2. All stats are measured from GMT.

    The Options time offset is for posts.

  3. i it should be -4 for EST?

    Thanks Mark

  4. I believe it's -4, yes.

    Put 0 in the box and update.
    It will display GMT
    Workout the difference using that (I'm the UK so I can't be certain of the offset, sorry)

  5. It should be -5 for EST, because I use -6 for CST.

  6. Thanks

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