time it takes from publishing to appearing on tag pages?

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    i published a post over 10 minutes ago and clicked one of the tags ive used: health
    it is no where to be seen
    have i been banished from the forum?!


    You’ve got way more than the recommended 12 tags/categories combined to ensure that all tags/categories make it into the system. It’s a safeguard agains people spamming.



    thanx diamondfw
    not waaaay more just 2!
    are you saying that if we go over the “recomended 12” [where is this info if you have time] ones’ post is kept off the tag posts
    i used health wich is a major tag
    i still don’t see ;it today in terms of the time it was posted

    i’m confused!


    If my memory serves me right, you had like 25 between categories/tags The info is in countless forum questions about it. Most recently as of a day or 2 ago.



    ok if i add tags and categories together!

    have done a search in q & a tags and nothing is listed re not showing up on tag pages

    so, if one goes over 12 tags what happens?

    is my blog bared from all the tag pages?


    What happens is what happened to you, not all your tags/categories show up in system. I can’t answer if you’re barred. If you have concerns about that, you may want to contact support, directly.



    thanx for your time
    one more thing!
    where do i find out about the
    recommended 12 tags/categories
    i haven’t been to the forum in ages so am a tad out of touch

    noticed my hits increased dramatically since the xml ? site thing!
    i was wondering how come loads of people were looking at old old posts!
    now i know.



    Where do you find out about them? He just told you.



    >Where do you find out about them? He just told you.

    grumpy today are we raincoaster?
    bored are you?

    it doesn’t become you being so rude

    who do you think you are, to address me or anyone else this way?

    you who is so picky about forum etiquette!

    if you can’t answer my question go to some other place to be abusive

    you have helped me tremendously in the past which i am very grateful for but really your comment is out of line and patronising


    heleneodette. She did answer your question by telling you that I already answered it!



    For god’s sake, you asked a question. You seem to think there’s some external place where this information is to be found; there isn’t. The forums work because you ask a question and it gets answered. He answered you. There is no external set of stone tablets relating to this issue.

    I did answer your question, by saying that diamondfistwerny had already answered it.



    ooooooh nooooooooo you didn’t! :)



    diamondfistwerny – She did answer your question by telling you that I already answered it!

    ooooooh nooooooooo you didn’t! :)



    http://faq.wordpress.com/2006/11/15/more-traffic/ – see “Use Appropriate Tags”.


    ooooooh nooooooooo tellyworth gave you another answer :P Let’s count how many ways we can answer your question, why don’t we?




    Well, that all kind of sucks. I use tons and tons of tags generally, and I see posts with a gazillion tags in very often. I think you guys need to have this be a bit more consistent.



    Did you read thru the threads and see why there is a limit?

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