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Time of Post submission is wrong

  1. When I submit a post in my blog, it is showing a date of ONE MONTH BEFORE.. though nowhere I can find the
    options of Date Adjustment...
    Would you please tell me how can I resolve this problem..
    I shall wait for your reply.
    In addition,I am using Day-Dream theme.....

    [email address removed - Mark]

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Which blog?


    this is my blog please..........

  4. I submitted a post few hours ago. it became 08 JUNE 2009 instead of 08 JULY...
    I couldn't find anymore options in the Dashboard where I can change DATE SHOW . The date shown in the
    DASHBOARD > GENERAL === is ok.

    could you please tell me what to do?
    Thanks for the response...

  5. advthirdculture

    How do I get my post to have a time stamp?
    Mine currently only shows the date?

  6. advthirdculture

    and here's my blog!
    thank you!! :)

  7. There are some themes that show the time a post was made. It was the decision of the theme designer and is not something that can be added. See this blog post for a list of themes that display the publish time for posts: .

    If you do not want to change themes, you could write a manual timestamp at the top of each post right before you publish it.

  8. advthirdculture

    ohh! I see!
    Thank you so much! :)

  9. May I get any help or advise regarding my problem from the reverend users or admins of please??

  10. It's difficult for us to help you, as none of the current volunteers can read your blog. Date/timestamps can always be changed on the Edit Post page on the right sidebar. Default time/date settings for the blog can be set under Settings->General.

  11. Thanks Mr. raincoaster . I tried with all those.
    Anyway, hope it will be resolved, as it is not a major problem, but it makes me uncomfortable to see a date of last month...

    Thanks again for the reply....

  12. If I were you I'd contact staff directly (repeatedly if required):

    Mark, who is staff, has replied, and so they do mean to do something about it, maybe they just need a reminder.

  13. Thanks....
    I would contact few hours later.....

  14. A bug is there while converts the date into my own language BANGLA.........
    I changed the blog language to ENGLISH and the Month is okay now.........
    But should it be left like that?

  15. No. You should report it to staff so they fix it:

  16. Hi ^^

    I have a similar problem ... when I write the post the time is correct but when the submission is incorrect. The same thing when i setting the time and day for a automatically post .... is 2 hours back although I have selected Option +2.

    do you have solutions?

  17. Under settings > general, the time zone offset from UTC/GMT has to be set for the time zone you are in. Check that and make any adjustments necessary for your time zone.

  18. but I put the correct time zone ... mine is +2


    in editing the time zone is correct ... in posting no ... does not read the most in 2 hours. the same thing happens if i save the draft for a post-posting. I have tried everything but the problem persists :S

  19. the problem is still not resolved...
    mbj1 , I have similarities with you..
    hope they will do it

  20. Contact staff as suggested above.

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