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Time Out

  1. From the past few weeks till now, I encounter a "408 Request Time Out" message when I try to publish a new post.

    I hope the admin can help me to rectify this as I am not able to publish any new post currently.


  2. Which browser and version of it are you using please?

  3. What is the url for your blog?
    Have you previously contacted staff about this?
    I'm asking because volunteers answering questions on the forum do not have backend access to blogs.

  4. My blog is


  5. Which browser and version of it are you using please?
    Have you previously contacted staff about this?

  6. lol ... {she bangs her head on the keyboard and adjourns for supper} :-D

  7. I have not contacted any staff before about this problem. This is the first time I bring up this problem to the attention of admin.

    My brower is I.E Explorer.

  8. Which version of IE is it? IE 6 does not work that well with WordPress, and you might do better if you switch to Firefox, which is free and works even on really old machines.

    Posting to the forum does NOT bring issues to the attention of staff, generally speaking. The forum is (wo)manned by volunteers, with staff manifesting only once in a while. The best way to contact them is to use the Support button on your dashboard during their regular work hours, 9-4 PST.

  9. I see your blog just fine, but I should warn you that offers to buy or sell goods or services will get your blog deleted; they are against the terms of service.

  10. Actually my blog is not selling anything. The objective of the blog is to help the new investors to identify the valuable/under valued stock for investment.

  11. That should be fine, then. Sorry: I can't read anything but English!

    Do your posts save as drafts when you try to publish them? Or are they gone entirely? If they are visible under your Manage page, try to edit them and publish from there.

  12. The problem is still not resolved. I think Firefox is better but they always install IE Explorer.

  13. The post can be saved and edit but cannot be published. If I don't save the post first before I publish it, then the new post will disappear entirely after the error message 408 prompts up.

  14. Very strange. I do think you need staff help, so tomorrow when Support re-opens, let them know.

  15. Ok, anyway, thank you for your help.

  16. This is a problem somany blogers are facing. After trying and trying I found one way to publish successfully. You too can try the same as bellow.

    In my case I tried to publish items in regional language (Telugu) for which I too got that bloody 408 timeout problem. Then once I tried to publish the same item with title in English, surprisingly it is publishing. Then casually I edit the published item then replaced the title with Telugu title and saved the item. So this is the way I found and successfully publishing now after trying for one month.
    All the best.

  17. This is a problem somany blogers are facing.

    So far this is the only thread on the forum reporting this problem. I'm sure staff are now aware of it as they do monitor forum threads. Hopefully, a solution will be found soon.

  18. The support hours for the holiday season are found in this thread

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