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    The time code on my blog is off. It seems to be about 12 hours earlier than the current time. Very annoying.
    Blog url: http://marysjourneyblog.wordpress.com/

    The blog I need help with is marysjourneyblog.wordpress.com.



    Dashboard >> Settings >> General >> Pick an area that’s in your time zone, click save.


    Mary, I had this happen to me as well, consequently, the story I posted hit the reader under 13 hours of stories. This has never happened to me before. It IS irritating, to write something and have it not be read or seen, especially if it is something you may be particularly proud of. I was told to change my time zone as well, but all of my previous posts showed up in the reader in order before I did that, so I don’t think that is really the problem. I posted a story after the one in question, and it appeared at the top of the reader in my chosen topics just like it is supposed to. Then I posted another entry yesterday, and it never appeared in the reader at all. All I got from support was “hmmm, if it happens again, please let us know”-what is that supposed to do for me? I was also told posts are chosen at random for the reader because there are so many. I don’t think that’s correct, because if it is, why would all of my previous entries hit the top of the reader in time order? I must say it’s disheartening to not have your work appear where others can see it. If we didn’t want to be read, we would just write all of our thoughts in a journal, wouldn’t we?

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