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Time Stamp Not Working???

  1. Okay, so I wrote a post yesterday and timestamped it for April 20th 2007 @ 07:00. Here it is 7:36 am and I don't see posted yet. Why is that? The time setting in my options is set to -5 which should be right for the US East Coast (correct?).

  2. Spamman - what's the link to your blog?


    I just checked it out, and it's posted now, but like an hour late. Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the east coast of the US -5 hours?

  4. Nope, you're right. Eastern time is currently UTC-5.

  5. Yeah I just realized that WordPress does not take into account the time change 2x a year for Daylight Savings time. So that would be why I need to set it to -4 instead.

  6. Yup. Had to do it on mine as well. runs on UTC time so if we here in the US change our clocks, we have to change our blog's clocks as well.

  7. Thanks for the help guys.

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