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Time Stamp not working properly

  1. The idea of "scheduling a post" is one of the main reasons I like wordpress. However, the last couple of days, it has not worked properly. I've looked at my blog and seen that it has not posted when it says that its supposed to. So, I go in and post manually. Please assist.

  2. This has been a known issue for some time. I would kindly suggest sending in a feedback on it from your Dashboard.

  3. I've scheduled a week's worth of posts from July 28 through August 8. However, the ones that are scheduled for July 28, 29 and 30 are all showing up today! I rechecked each post, and they have the proper date and time scheduled. How can I get this to work properly?

  4. that's because the timezone in the timestamp function is NOT the same as the timezone you selected in options - it follows the same timezone in the blog stats. eg. whr i live, the 'default' timezone as i refer to it, is midnight when it's 8am at my country. so when i check my blog stats at 8 am it would just only show a fresh blog stat for the day, meaning between 12am and 8am in my place whatever hits i get is counted in the previous day because of the 'default' timezone. thus, if i were to want a post to appear tmr 28 july, i would edit the timestamp to 0000 28 july, BUT it would only appear at 8am my time.

    so you need to figure out when is default time midnight and what time is it for you then so you can calculate how to make your post appear when you want it to. i hope i'm quite clear.

  5. Sulz, marie is having her posts show up days ahead, not just hours.

    Marie, I think I gave a suggestion in my post for those having this issue to follow. :)

  6. ooo didn't read that properly. that's weird

  7. I noticed in my RSS feed for Lorelle that one of hers dated 31 July posted this afternoon too.

    Think this is a big problem that the dev team needs to take a long peek at.

  8. I don't even want to look at my webcomic right now. Kind of moot since I'm having to reload all the pictures for it still. (21k done. About another 20k or so left.)

  9. Sorry, Sulz, I could not follow your reply at all.

    Dr. Mike, I've read other threads on this and followed all the links in your replies. I have sent feedback about it, but I'd like to see if my understanding of this feature is correct by setting out my particulars below.

    I'm still having posts show up days in advance, such as this morning, when the August 11 and 12 posts showed up.

    I'm on the United States East Coast, so I have my time option as GMT -5. I have checked elsewhere on this forum and on the internet, and that is the correct local time setting for me which is now entered on my Options/General on the Dashboard.

    I want my posts to show up at midnight my local time on the scheduled dates. Instead, tomorrow's (August 4, 00:00) post might appear at 8 pm on August 3, along with a couple of other posts that aren't scheduled to appear for another three to five days later.

    I think I have my settings all entered properly, but please let me know if I am mistaken. If it's a known issue and is going to be resolved, great. I hope it will be resolved soon.

    Thank you all for your responses. It's much better here than That Other Place, where I used to be! :)

  10. Hour differences wouldn't affect posts showing up days ahead of time. From other threads, there appears to be an issue currently. I would suggest sending in a Feedback tell staff that this issue is affecting your blog.

    August 4th's post set to go up at midnight should be going up at midnight your time. The posted time of a post is also affected by what you set your time differences to.

  11. There is still an issue, as Marie says.

    I still get Lorelle's posts show up two or three days early in my RSS feed.

    Don't expect it to be fixed soon though, It's BBQ day tomorrow! :(

  12. marie: of course you can't, my answer is totally unrelated to your question, as drmike pointed out! i wear really thick glasses, that's my only excuse

  13. Podz says in another thread that he (probably meaning staff) is currently unable to dupe this error and no one has forwarded any specifics to him about the issue. It might help if someone does so.


  14. I have posted a detailed reply just now in the Scheduling Posts thread with good news.

  15. here's the thread mariemacc is referring to

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