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    I’ve been trying to get posts to display in the correct timezone. I live in a timezone that is UTC+0530 (GMT+05:30, if you wish), and I’ve gone to Options->General and set “Times in the weblog should differ by:” to 5.5 hours. I’ve also set “Default time format” to “H:i:s O” after reading the PHP manual. However, a curious thing happens: the timestamp is shown in my timezone, but with “+0000” instead of “+0530”.
    In other words:
    The UTC time is: 2006-09-13 1:01:33 pm
    If I set offset to 0 hours, I get “13:01:33 +0000” displayed.
    If I set offset to 5.5 hours, I get “18:31:33 +0000” displayed, but it should actually be “18:31:33 +0530”.
    What is wrong? Are users from other timezones facing the same problem? OTOneH, it would be inconvenient to have UTC times displayed, but OTOH to have times in my timezone displayed without the offset information would be confusing and useless.



    We’ve got a bug there it seems. You might have to hardcode the offset for now.

    “H:i:s +0530”

    Improving timezone selection is on the todo.



    Wow, thanks for replying. BTW, I think this may not be a bug with WordPress.com per se, because I’ve had the same bug at other places (phpBB forums).
    And nice workaround, I’ll do that. Stupid of me to not think of that. Thanks :-)

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