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    Under “Options” I changed the setting so that the output should read, e.g., Tuesday, 11 April 2006. Yet, when I post it says April 11, 2006. Is there no way to change the way the date displays on posts? Thanks!



    i’m not sure abt this, but it’s probably the theme of your blog that defaults the way the date is set. i’m using regulus, and it does not display the day my posts are written on. try changing themes and see if it works?



    Then, what is the use of allowing us to change the date and time format?

    It’d be better if post time is also displayed. ;)



    You’re pretching to the choir but that’s how some theme designers do their work. :(



    Each theme is different for sure with the way it displays time and date. The way they are built right now, you can’t change the date. If you are self-hosted you can change anything you want, but we have to go with the way the theme’s are designed here for now. Maybe this will be a feature added in the future. Why not send a nice feedback into the staff suggesting this date/time flexibility?




    This is a tricky one. In an ideal world, staff would take things like this into account when choosing a theme, but then I also tend to think that if a designer has for some reason chosen to dictate how date and time should be displayed then their decision should be respected. Some themes just won’t work if these settings are tinkered with (example). Not that I can think offhand of any on wp.com that fall into this category.

    On the other hand, if you’re in the business of making templates for the use of multiple users you should probably come to terms with the fact that said users are going to end up screwing with it regardless of whether they can edit the html (ugly sidebar widgets, embedded video clips, personality test results in posts, etc. etc.) and that attempting to maintain aesthetic control by imposing your favourite date/time format upon them is a little bit pointless. I honestly can’t remember whether I ever hardcoded date and time formats into any of my themes, but I suspect not, if only because the PHP date formats are such a pain to remember.

    As far as current wp.com themes are concerned, removing hardcoded formats is an easy edit to make, but my feeling is it won’t happen because a) they don’t really have the time or inclination to make non-essential edits to existing themes and b) it risks confusing and upsetting users who suddenly see that the date on their theme looks different.

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