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Timepiece Theme: font and colour

  1. cbirkenkrahe2012

    Hi, how do I find out the font and colour used by this theme so I can apply it to text embedded in images?

    Thank you
    C Birkenkrahe

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You can find out by using a browser extension such as Firebug or Web Inspector, or by looking at the CSS of the theme in Appearance > Custom Design > CSS.
    Most of the text elements in this theme use Helvetica Neue (regular, light, or bold).
    Which color are you referring to?

  3. cbirkenkrahe2012

    Thank you so much, that's just what I need. I was referring to the colour of the text (because when I use black it looks much darker than what is just there, so I thought it must be gray - but now I will just find out).

    All the best
    C Birkenkrahe

  4. You're welcome.
    I asked about the color because the theme also features a colored menu bar and a colored footer, so I wasn't sure which color you meant.
    The text color in this theme is defined as pure black (#000) but with 70% opacity (so it appears as grey). If you can't reproduce that, the result is #4c4c4c.

  5. cbirkenkrahe2012

    Thank you again for the quick response, that is very helpful.

    All the best
    C Birkenkrahe

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