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Timestamps appeared on pages - Hide date?

  1. I am using the Tarski theme on the site . My pages, which never had timestamps before, now suddenly have dates under the heading. Is there a way to remove the date without removing the page? I see next to the page in dashboard edit there is a way to change the date, but no option to hide it. Has anyone else experienced a sudden emergence of timestamps?

  2. Probably another "upgrade." Without the CSS upgrade, there is no way to hide this.

  3. *nod* I've been following the discussion on the image "upgrade" closely, as it has affected some of mine as well. Guess I can't complain about the price I (don't) pay, as my only issues here have been minor. However, I'd want to know for sure these glitches (upgrades?) would go away before investing money into the service.

  4. Yeah, the image "upgrade" and the tags "upgrade" have been hot topics, which is why I thought the date stamp may also be one of those "upgrades."

    As for things settling down -well, I don't know when that will ever occur around here.

  5. Howdy, folks! The change must have noodled its way into the Tarski theme (not on purpose, I assure you). The issue has been resolved - no more timestamps for Tarski.

  6. Thank you for fixing this. Aside from occasional hiccups in the code, I'm WordImpressed with the overall quality of the site.

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