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    This probably isn’t the correct forum to ask these questions, but I cannot figure this out.

    1) When someone “likes” my posts, why can’t I just go to their blog, instead of their Avatar page? I would like to be able to go directly to their blog.

    2) Do you think it is better for me to put a real picture of myself on my Avatar profile?

    3) Why do I have to have an Avatar profile?

    Do you have a post on this subject?

    I cannot figure this Avatar stuff out for anything. Is Avatar a part of WordPress? I don’t like setting up a whole profile on a different site that I do not trust.

    The blog I need help with is awomeninherthirties.com.



    1) the like picture is the avatar page. click their name to go to their site.

    2) Its up to you most people after a few months do put their picture up, i have on my other site.

    3) its just to tell a few things about you if you wish and to add your other sites onto.

    4) i’m 99% sure it is wordpress, or i would not be in it.



    I click on their name but it never goes to thier blog.

    One more question:

    Why are there so many WordPress.com Spam blogs?

    Can’t WP tell which sites are spammers?



    Did you start this post with the intent of asking timethief the question directly?

    If so, it might be of use to you to check out her website: http://onecoolsitebloggingtips.com/


    Yea, but here is the thing:

    Why does WP have the Gravatars? Wouldn’t people just normally put all of that information on the “about page” I like the little pictures, but it’s kind of a pain to click on a “like” someone made, and then have such a hard time going to their actual blog.

    I don’t understand why people wouldn’t just put everything that’s on the Gravatar profile in the “about” page.

    The Gravatar thing seems like one more step that is kind of a pain for me to get to the person’s actual blog.

    Oh well, maybe it’s just me that is having a technical issue getting to the person’s actual blog, when they put a “like” on one of my posts.

    I will have to go directly to her site because I have a ton of questions.


    I mean to TimeThief’s site today.


    By the way: If anyone has any questions about WordPress.com. Go to TimeThief’s site at:


    I have referred to this site so many times I cannnot count. Everything you will ever need to know about blogging is on this site! I find it more helpful than the actual WP posts. Sorry WP, but she knows her stuff!

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