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@timethief - Support Question

  1. Sorry TT, didn't know where else to ask you but you are the queen of knowledge. :)

    A user said she couldn't get the "Older Posts" button to appear on her blog, I thought they were all replaced with the Load More Posts button but it seems this isn't the case, I was wondering if you had any idea how to make them appear as I'd quite like the same thing on my blog too.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. @ardpete
    I have posted into the thread. In cases like this when you do not have an answer the best course of action is don't post into the thread. Just leave it be and allow another Volunteer who does have the answer to provide it. That way there is no confusion created.

  3. Sorry TT noted for future ref :)

  4. @TT Will you have a look at this thread too, please?
    Should we make this thread @TT to request her to review the threads? lol :)

  5. I answered in that thread but my answer is in the spam filter. You cannot register a domain that's owned by someone else and I cannot post the link again here from the go-daddy whois results because if I do it will put my comment in the spam filter again here too.

  6. P.S. Please note that I don't want to answer support questions in this thread. I'm baraely functioning. My brother is in ICU. My family is heartbroken and I'm the eldest -- I'm on the front line. The only reason I'm answering support questions today at is to distract myslef and keep myself sane.

  7. The spam filter sucks. Thanks TT for the info.
    BTW When I enter the url it seems the domain is not registered. And Go daddy says someone from Lahore registered it and it will be expired on 3 march 2013. I should forget about it now :( Sigh!

  8. Oh May Allah bless your brother with health. And comfort you and all your family. My best wishes are with you.
    (sorry I didn't refresh it while surfing)

  9. @Timethief, I'm sorry to hear this terrible news. I hope he'll get better soon. Stay strong, TT.

  10. @TT. My thoughts are with you and yours at this difficult time. Best wishes to you. ((hug))

  11. Sorry to hear that TT, Positive thoughts to you and yours.

  12. Hope he gets well soon TT.

  13. Thanks for your well wishes -- he's gone.

  14. Awh, I'm sorry to hear that :(

  15. I'm heart-broken, Pete. I would like to have Staff or a Moderator close this thread and I'm flagging it for that to happen. Is that okay with you?

  16. Of course.

  17. I'm really very sorry to hear this news TT . I can understand your feelings. Be strong enough to console your family. May his soul rest in peace.

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