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Timethief - The spam filter has put a hit out for me

  1. I tried responding to your question on another thread, but EVERYTHING is showing up pink. I started a brand new account to respond to you... and now it is showing up pink as well. Why am I getting nailed with spam filters?

    If you can fish this account out of spam, it will give you the answers to the account I ACTUALLY need help with.

    Thank you!

  2. I'm sorry but I cannot find you in the spam filter. Please provide a link starting with http:// or the username you used or when you made the spammed posts to these forums.

    tomashanna has made only two posts to these forums as far as I can see. Sometimes when there is a lot of spam, like now, usernames get a bit confusing, but the spammed posts are all about viewing various sports games for free. Clearly not you, right?

  3. thomashanna is the username, not tomashanna

  4. the original account was ofdustandkings

    Any reason why I'm getting hit by the filter?

  5. Ok. I found one spammed comment for ofdustandkings, now removed and modlooked:

    Is that you?

    (btw, that was a typo on my part, mis-spelling your thomashanna name. When I dug into the spam I used copy-paste to search

    As for why? I don't know. I've been spammed here, as has timethief, and so have many of the other regular volunteers. An akismet sneeze? I cannot explain.

  6. I also found an old thread with the ofdustandkings username:

    Anyrate, do you have other questions? If so please start a new topic. If you get spammed again come back to this one…

    happy blogging!

  7. Yes both of those were me. There were responses to another thread as well, however, where Jenia asked for info to be able to transfer my email subscribers over to my self hosted blog via jetpack. They should be under ofdustandkings as well.

    Did you come across those?

  8. And thank you so much Tess. This has been incredibly frustrating

  9. Hey there,
    I'm so glad Tess rescued your comments.

  10. Ok, this one was not spammed.

    Did you know that you can find previous comments you made to these forums by clicking on your username on the top right of your screen where it says "welcome…"

    So by clicking on my own username I got a list of posts I've made here. Then I pasted "ofdustandkings" over may own name. Here is the profile for ofdustandkings:

    Of course that won't show spammed comments. But as I said, you should be good to go now.

    Sorry for the frustrating events, but it now looks like life will be happy ever after…


  11. I'm still showing 3 pink comments under that thread you brought up when I am logged in as ofdustandkings. Also, when I tried to reply to this thread under that login, my response went immediately into spam again.

    Does that also mean that my comments on wordpress blogs are going i to spam? Can we fix that?

  12. Ok, tried again. I think it should be fixed?
    I think I clicked away from the page too fast—my wireless is going a bit crazy for some unknown reason. Post again if that is not working…

  13. Nevermind... it appears they are coming through now. Thank you! Will this keep blog comments from going into spam now too? Conversations on other blogs are pretty important in building connections in the blogosphere...

  14. I hope so.

    Now, to fix the gremlins with my wireless…

    If you get spammed again, the best way is to add "modlook" to the tags on the right. And add a second tag "ofdustandkings invisible."

    The modlook tags are checked regularly (at least once or twice per day) and it's helpful for me to see if it's something I can do as a volunteer, like fish you out of spam right there. Faster and less frustrating than searching for usernames etc…

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