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    First let me say that, for a blog novice, this site has been wonderful. I have created my blog and am getting ready to send it out and can’t wait to see what happens!

    But, as I was reviewing my blog for accuracy I noticed some words, not of my choosing, were hyperlinked. I am trying to drive people to my home based business, but these arbitrary links could have the potential to drive business elsewhere. I notice that when I refresh the screen the hyperlinks disappear. Before I send this blog to the world I need to know – 1) will my visitors see these hyperlinks and 2) if so, how do I remove them prior to putting the blog out to the world?

    Thank you.

    The blog I need help with is dmcqivana.wordpress.com.



    WordPress.com has been running advertising on our free hosted blogs since 2006. Many bloggers do not know this because despite the fact they ticked the box required to get a free blog, they did not read the ToS. Many also do not read features page, or advertising entry in the support documents after registering their username and blog(s). Also note that as the ads do not display to us when we are logged in, and as many use browsers with ad blockers when logged out, they may not realize they are there at all. The only way to get rid of all advertising on our free hosted WordPress.com blogs is to purchase an annually renewable No-Ads upgrade, lest your blog be decorated with your comprotors advertisements.

    However, WordPress does not use text-enhanced ads. This has come up before and it was caused by browser extension that was installed in the person’s browser. Which browser and browser version are you using? Have you tried disabling all browser add-ons and extensions. Have you tried using a different browser to see if it happens with it as well?

    Others who had this same issue found it was caused by a browser add-on or extention. http://wafflesatnoon.com/2011/10/05/seeing-unwanted-text-enhance-ads/ Please deactivate all browser add-ons and extentions, run a full computer scan, and then log into your blog again without activating any browser add-ons or extensions and see if the links disappear or not.



    edit: “comprotors” was meant to be “competitor’s”



    Hi. You might also want to check the ToS link TT gave you for information on what types of business you can run on WordPress.

    Using a free WP.com blog to sell ‘Qivana’ weight control / loss products, even out of your own home, might not be allowed, and could get your blog suspended.



    You should review the Terms of service before you get too far along



    It is quite certainly not allowed. In order to spare yourself needless work, move your blog to paid hosting ASAP. You can run it there without interference.

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