Tiny font size?

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    One paragraph in my latest post is appearing in a very tiny font; I don’t want this to happen and don’t know why it is happening. What can I do?

    The blog I need help with is whyiamnotafeminist.com.


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    Manifest makes divs without any additional inline styling show with a very small font.

    I see this in your source code:

    <div>My grandfather had been suffering from …etc…died; his</div>
    <div>relatives figured…etc…
    they got together and</div>
    <div>decided that…etc…
    enough to take over.</div>

    Get rid of those div tags in the text (code) editor and all will be well.

    Are you copying and pasting from somewhere? A word processing program, maybe? Otherwise, I don’t know how those tags got into your post.


    Have you tried checking your font style? It may change automatically.


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    No, font sizes do not change “automatically.” Coding causes what appears on a post, page. In this case, the css (cascading style sheet) of the theme is regulating how text appears in div tags. The div tags might have been added accidentally by copying from a word processor or because of some other logical reason.


    Thank you very much, 1tess, and yes, I did copy and paste this post: won’t make that mistake again :)

    Thanks to you too, taylorswift 619 :)


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    You are most welcome.

    I did not mean to be harsh: only that what one does here on wp.com is supposed to be logical. If you have had a problem with font sizes changing without apparent cause, then you should ask about it. If something changes unexpectedly then it could be something you did, or it could be a theme “bug” which can and should be fixed.



    @undoingfeminism1234: You should never copypaste from other sources into the Visual editor; when you need to copypaste, switch the editor to Text.


    Hello, justpi, thank you so much for the tip :)

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