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tinyMCE problem

  1. I'm getting rather frustrated. Over the past couple of days a strange problem has come and gone unpredictably; when I'm using the Visual editor to make a post, and I want to put in a link or a picture, sometimes the TinyMCE popup box causes my page to freeze for some time and doesn't load completely. Even if I can then hit SAVE to save the page, it doesn't seem to actually save any of the links I've made in that session.

    And sometimes the popup box looks like this:


    {$lang_insert_link_target} {$lang_insert_link_target_same} {$lang_insert_link_target_blank}
    {$lang_class_name} {$lang_theme_style_select}mce_plugin_wordpress_moremce_plugin_wordpress_page

    This only happens sporadically, but as I was working on a richly-linked piece tonight and have spent more than an hour trying to work this out, I am getting a little fried and was wondering if it has happened to anyone else?

    I'm also noticing that sometimes when I hit Save it doesn't, the computer simply cannot load a page at all. I hit refresh and it clears, but whatever I was trying to save has gone poof!

  2. New Tiny MCE error:

    I'm using Firefox, and over the past hour the Tiny MCE editor has been wonky. I put info into the link box and hit Update and nothing appears to happen. Yet when I click on the word or image and then click the link icon again, all the info is there. Just an FYI.

  3. When you experience this problem, do you happen to have a lot of tabs open?

    If you do, I'd recommend to close those that you don't need. I haven't had this problem with TinyMCE, but with other web apps that rely on heavy javascripting (i.e. gmail). Having less tabs open, might help you with this issue.


  4. I ALWAYS have a lot of tabs open. Right now I have eight. I would rather accept the weirdness than change the way I work, but thanks for the heads-up.

  5. You did do the hokie-pokie dance and logout, clear your browser's file and cookie cache.... ?

    I'm wondering if a TinyMCE upgrade occured. Wish they would tell us stuff like that...

  6. Still wish staff would mention when they upgrade the editor. Other folks have noticed ever so often, we get a string all of the sudden of those 'editor doesn't work anymore' posts, right?

    They did once way back when....

    TT: I think Rain is a smart enough girl to know what I'm talking about. Plus I want to see her do the hokie pokie. :)

  7. Yes, I did it. I did it in front of the monitor, too. You mean you weren't watching?

  8. @rain
    Shucks! I missed it.
    Is this issue resolved now or is it still happening?
    Did you send in a support ticket?

  9. I didn't send a support ticket because it was 3am Support time, and I haven't posted yet today (only autoposts...btw the autopost issue is still happening, where they don't show in Recent Posts or Tag Pages till edited).

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