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tip jars

  1. Are donation buttons (like from Paypal) allowed on WordPress blogs ? And if so, where would I put the code for it ?

  2. I don't think that are discouraged, but they would have to be produced for display without any type of scripting, i.e. javascript.

    If the code is only in html it can be added to your links section like any other buttons.

  3. A lot of them (including PayPay) have a lot of code around the actual link & image so may look as though they will not work. However, if you strip it all out until you've just got the img and link ("A") tags you'll be fine.

    You can also add it to a sidebar "text" panel this way.

  4. That's true, but in some cases the code you strip out is required for the link to work correctly.

  5. You can put paypal buttons without using the form or javascript code.

    You can use the advanced and unencrypted formats, which gives you a link. You can just use a button to link it.

    I've used it all over my blog.

  6. We have posted Terms of Service, which you should read.

    As long as you respect the TOS, anything that isn't filtered is fair.

    We filter scripts and styles for security reasons, not to prevent you from linking to your PayPal tip jar. We hope to relax those filters in the future.

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