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Tips & Tracks: Image alt tags

  1. Greets:

    In between doctor apointments this morning. I'll be back in a few hours but i wanted to point this out which I discovered in my logs this morning.

    Google Search

    Do note the links in there to the Kim Possible: Remixed Webcomic. If you'll visit the page in question, you'll note that Google picked up on the 'alt' tags of the images.

    That's something you may want to consider when you upload a picture here to

  2. I'm not sure what you mean by "alt" tags :(

  3. That makes two of us :(

  4. It's text that will show when you hover your mouse over an image:

    The code on that link for that Mickey picture, if you hovered over that image, it would say "Image Hosted by". Depending on what browser you use, it will either show right there what the text is when you hover. Or like on my Firefox browser, it shows on the status bar on the bottom left of the screen.

  5. Thanks nosy - now I get it. I think he's saying the google spiders are programmed to search for image "alt" tags. How that relates to uploading here as opposed to uploading from an imaging host is still not clear to me.

  6. When you insert an image into your post put in the "alt" tag within the IMG code.

    When the search engines spider (crawl) your blog they will register the alt tag. It's yet another way of getting decent listings for your blog.

    This might be of help (or just more confusing!):

  7. When you upload an image, it's that bit you put in the Description and Title fields.

  8. cornell & drmike - thanks I do understand. Are you suggesting then that if every post I make includes an image (alt tag) that the odds of getting decent listings for my blog will increase?

  9. Yes, search engines also use the text associated with that image to categorize what it finds on that page.

    I could probably find some discussion on a SEO forums if you want me to but you'llprobably get a bunch of jargon.

    SEO = Search Engine Optimazation by the way. Making your site more appealing to search engines and therefore getting better ranking.

  10. When you upload an image, it's that bit you put in the Description and Title fields.

    Ah ha! Now I see why those boxes are there (although I have never used them). Is there any way to add that information to existing photos?

  11. Manually edit them probably would be the best bet. Add in 'alt="my info here"' without the single quotes at the end of the image tags. Just be sure to leave in that space before the last '/' mark.

    I've just gotten so used to filling in those boxes normally when I upload a picture, I didn't think about them.

    Also remember when you create a img link in the normal editor, after you type in the URL for the image, it always asks you for a description. That's where you want to put it in.

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