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Tips and Tricks to tell a newbie?!

  1. amourwithwords

    Hey, I'm adrianne. Totally new to blogging. Just started today infact, as you can see - adrianne

    How shall I enter the blogging universe? leave a comment on my first and latest blog post or reply to the question if you can think of anything remotely related to the topic at all
    thanks :D

  2. Try doing a search of the forum or FAQ. There are hundreds of tips here.

  3. lisasellsrealestate

    Hey Adrianne,
    I'm still new at this too. It's fun and can be really interesting to see what people have to say. Keep with it and you will be a pro in no time!
    Take Care! Lisa

  4. Here you go these links should be helpful. :)

    Beginners Guide

    Few Tips On How To Make A Successful Blog

    Also by linking your name to your blog it will serve the purposes…
    If you need to ask a support question in the forum then it will make it easier for the volunteers to see what blogging platform your using & will aide them in giving you a more accurate answer to your question.

  5. I am new myself.
    This place is confusing.

    Hope you'd find your way though :)

  6. Ah!! Really Helpful..!! I was thinking doing the same actually... Errmm... I mean starting a post to ask how am i actually suppose to start. But this really helped!! I am so Happy!! Heha!! Thankx!! Happy Bloggin eh..!!

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