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Tips To get more views?

  1. Hey there, I just registered just hours ago, and I've just made my first blog. In my entire life? Lulz yeah.

    check it out;

    Well, I've been reading some websites about getting more views but it requires payments. </3

    My future blogs could be about school stuff that shouldn't be included in the curriculum . [ Examples; ATP Synthesis in Chloroplasts] , School wok/project help, problems, and some other random stuff.

    Is it alright If I just put these things up in one site? And how can I get alot of people to view, read and comment?

    Replies would be truly appreciated. :) Thanks

    The blog I need help with is

  2. theintentionalsage

    You'll definitely want to check out Timethief's website ABOUT blogging:

    The information on it is invaluable and has application directly to wordpress. You'll find her on these boards a lot. Obviously, her website is more attractive when recommended by someone else than by her, but I'm sure she would agree that her website is great for people starting out in the blogosphere.

    With Love and Gratitude,

    The Intentional Sage

  3. The quick answers are:

    Publish on Facebook
    Publish on Twitter
    And most importantly...."Comment on other blogs"!

    These three things will help you attract alot more people to your site.

    Good Luck and Live Well :)

  4. hollythestrange

    Comment on various other blogs.

    Give your posts multiple tags.

    Reply to more forum threads.

    Frequently comment on some blogs.

    Post the link to your blog on any other sites you have.

  5. @nelissuhninja
    There are 25 basic steps you can use to increase the flow of organic (unpaid) traffic to your site. You will find them in the post below. You will also find that the steps in the sposts are linked to tutorials.
    Twenty five steps to increase blog traffic

    Without doubt the most productive way of all to create interst and traffic flow to your own blog is to comment, comment, comment on other blogs with similar content in the same niche as your own blog.

    Please be cautious not to make the mistake tha many new bloggers do of tagging their posts with an excessive number of tags and/or with irrelevant tags. Doing that is referred to as "spamdexing" and will result in your posts not apearing on the global tagging pages at all. They will also be a indicator to Google that you are trying to game search engine results and the action they take mayknock you blog right out of the SERPs.

    This is a link to in house blog promotion but do understand that if you only focus your blog promotion efforst on activities beging this garden wall you will be less effective than if you also use social media and social networks to promote your blog posts and blog.

  6. Search the web for getting what you want.

    Otherthan, go here :-

  7. @nelissuhninja
    This article may also be helpful Social Media and Social Networking Plain and Simple

  8. Great insight from everyone, I am new to this as well and am happy I found this forum to help me get some traffic for my blog.

  9. New blog on WordPress but have been around the blogosphere for about 5 years and I just have to say that there just isn't anything more effective than commenting sincerely on stuff you like on other blogs. I have met tons of cool people from comments and probably zippo from all the SEO stuff put together. Of course it all depends on what you want. If you want numbers the SEO stuff might actually impress you, if you want to forge some good relationships, then get surfing!

    This is the entire book I will not write on getting more traffic to your blog lol.

  10. Definitely comment on other blogs and participate in some forums!

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