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    I am interested in any tips on what is the correct process on reviewing or changing themes, if and when I want to look at new ones. there are some new themes listed in ‘Appearance -> Themes’.

    I tried to find articles and check this forum but could not find much except one comment saying to put your widgets into ‘inactive’ before changing themes.

    My main concern would be that if I change to another theme to see how my site would look, then change back to my original theme after reviewing it, would everything return back to normal that I had setup?

    I understand that in changing to another theme that some features may have to be setup again or may not even be available depending on the theme – that is not a problem as all themes are different.

    When having your own themes outside of there are always issues and the writers of the themes always give you the instructions of how to setup, reinstall or upgrade their theme.

    Is this the same with the themes that issues may occur or are they setup not to have these problems? As I read that these themes are written for the auto setup at

    The blog I need help with is



    What is the actual question? Just go to Dashboard->Appearance->Themes and when you see one you’re interested in, click on Preview. If you like the way your blog looks in the Preview, click Activate. If not, click the X in the corner and continue browsing.

    When you change themes, your special settings are lost and you have to reset the theme options.



    My question is – what specifically will be lost. For example, CSS, widgets, headers. What special settings/options?



    Hi there! Previewing a theme will not cause you to lose any settings from your current theme. What you see in the Customizer is strictly a preview until you hit the blue Save button at the top of the Customizer.

    I hope this clears things up!



    Thanks so much for the information.



    CSS is unique to each theme. If you have custom CSS, it will screw up your blog unless you remove it.



    Yes thanks.

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