Tired of Writing For Free and Giving Away

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    We all are helping WordPress by writing on their blogs and gaining fans to the site. We cannot put ads on the site unless we spend cash. Well, I would like to, but some of us are trying to make cash as it is. I would rather get paid for page views. I spent some cash for a theme, and my luck hasn’t been good with cash since then. It’s not WordPress fault, but things are expensive these days. You are going to pay some money out of your pocket, and in this day and age, it’s not little cash. It is big cash. Some of us need bigger jobs and money. That is why we need to make cash instead of giving everything away online. Some of us are putting our content everywhere and getting nothing. I wish WordPress had something for the ones that are starting out with nothing. I wish I could work for WordPress just blogging with a set pay. If I could get paid by the month, that would be fine. WordPress is as popular as online news sites. They can be a news site too. We are at a good place and even news sites use WordPress. I use WordPress because I know that they are good to use.

    The blog I need help with is nobles123.wordpress.com.

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