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Titanic Blog

  1. Does anyone have a Titanic blog?

  2. Like a really huge blog?

    Or a blog about the ship?

    Or a blog about the movie?

    Or a blog about the ancient gods?

    Or a blog about the Australian rugby team?


    Sorry. I just couldn't resist ;-)

  3. I like to think of my blog as the equivalent to dumping a whole lot of people into the freezing waters of the North Atlantic to die of hypothermia.

  4. We all like to think of your blog that way.

  5. Maybe check the tags.

  6. I mean the ship and/or the movie.

  7. One that allows comments.

  8. defrostindoors

    This doesn't look too bloggy, but then it did show up on Technorati:

    I tend to ignore MySpace and LiveJournal sites *ptoo* so that's about all that Technorati showed in English. Try putting Titanic in your tags and see if it shows up in your tag surfer?

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