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    Hi there

    I wondered if anyone may be able to help – I’d like to get my title and tagline in line with the logos on my blog. I’d also like to try and reduce the space between the title and tagline and make it so there is no gap at the start of the tagline (currently it is appearing slightly indented compared to the title). I have adjusted the margins and padding measurements which helped me fit the logo in. Not sure if it is these that need to be adjusted or something else?

    Thanks for your help in advance.

    The blog I need help with is researchandjournal.wordpress.com.



    It looks like this blog – http://raanan.com/ – has done what you are looking for. I would poke around in the HTML and CSS there to see what was done.


    Thanks mikedariano. How do you access other blogs css? I notice from some of the forum posts that this is often how others find solutions to problems but not sure where to go to get this info?

    Thanks again.



    If you’re in chrome you can right click and inspect elements. That should bring up the html and css.

    Best of luck!


    Many thanks Mike.

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