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    I have set my language preference to greek (el) and sometimes my post titles are in greek too. When someone wants to see the post page, they get a url looking like this: blogger.wordpress.com/2006/08/09/%cf%85%cf%80%ce%bf%ce%bc%ce%bf%ce%bd%ce%ae/
    Is there a way to set the url to appear different than the blog title?



    Probably not. IIRC URLs have to be in UTF8 for browsers to be able to read them and that’s the work around. The setup here for the software we run here is to use the blog title as that portion of the URL and that setting is site wide.


    Yes there is a way!

    When you are the the post screen on your right there are small windows and one of it is called “Post slug”. Use that to give it a name in English or whatever. You can still have your title in any other language.

    Another way is do your post without any title. WordPress.com will automatically create the name for the post, nameing it with a number. Then Edit your post and put your title now.



    Thanks skcsknatha!

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