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    I just noticed when inserting a link via the toolbar button in the visual editor that it no longer offers a title field, but that the title field has been replaced with a Link Text field. As a result, the only way to add the title text to the link is by adding the HTML in the text editor.

    Why was this changed? Web accessibility standards requires the title field to be included in links on web pages. This change makes it harder to comply with this particular standard, while WordPress.com should really be making it easier to comply with such standards.

    (I notice the support doc still shows there should be a Title field.)




    Thanks. I guess I’ll remove the staff tag then, as it’s already been answered.

    The last article I read on web accessibility standards said the use of that attribute is actually compulsory according to the accessibility laws in some countries, but I’ll do some more research on that and add them in the text editor for my blog in any case.



    Oh, and while I was typing that the modlook tag was removed by someone else…

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