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Title in 1 row

  1. I'd like to customize my title into 1 row. Now it is in 2 rows as you can see it here : club aliga windsurf center How can I do that ? Thank you : Robbie Naish.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. The theme you're using, Hatch, has a very small width area for titles because of the menu beside the title. This means the text will wrap as you see on your site.

    You have a couple of options:
    1) Choose a different theme with a wider area for the Title display;
    2) Purchase the custom design upgrade and modify your CSS to make more space for your title, and modify your menu placement so there's room for both.

    Information on the upgrade:

    Our CSS customization forums, if you need assistance with modifying that theme's CSS:

  3. Thank you, and which theme looks like this and has wider title space?
    I need a photo gallery theme. Regards : Robbie.

  4. You might wish to browse the different themes we offer to see if you can find one that better suits your needs. We have a page where you can review all of them at once, or search by specific features:

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