Title of child appearing over title on every page

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    I’m trying out WordPress. I’ve successfully set up several pages, and everything is fine until I designate one page the child of another. From there on, the title of the child page appears above and slightly overlapping the title of every other page when I navigate to it. So if a page named “Albert” is the child of a page named “Alberta,” when I navigate to the pages named “Bert” the word “Albert” will be at the top of the page, above and slightly overlapping the word “Bert.” Furthermore, “Albert” will be hot – it will link to that page. This will be true of every page. I’ve searched and not found anyone else complaining of this problem, so I’m probably missing something simple – apologies if I’m just being dense.


    Please provide the URL of your blog when you ask a question (or link your nickname to your blog as explained in the Sticky “8 Things to Know”). We get a lot of wrong visits, so we need to confirm it’s a wp.COM blog; often we also need to check things in the blog itself to find out what the problem is or which solution applies.

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