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Title of pages matching Menus

  1. OK. I'm trying to get the name of my custom menus to NOT be the same as the names of the pages they are referring to.

    Whenever I change the name of a page title, the change is reflected in the custom menu and visa versa.

    Is there any way to have them NOT match?!?

  2. Thank you!!!

  3. You're welcome!

  4. would you happen to know how to get the custom menu to be equal width to the body?? As in is there any way to adjust the width of the menu spacing or anything related to that?
    As seen here:

    I'd really appreciate it!

  5. I'm sorry but the answer is "no" as we cannot edit templates or themes.

  6. @mellonm, you can with the custom design upgrade using CSS, but there as with every rose, there are thorns and the biggest two thorns are:

    1. All browsers render things differently. On one browser your menu many be nicely spaces and take up the entire area and the next browser may render differently and show the menu in two lines, pushing the last item down.

    2. You cannot control the settings people make to their own browsers. They can change the minimum font size to render sites in (which will muck you up) or they can use the browser zoom feature (which will muck you up).

    The web just isn't really entirely controllable. Too many things outside your control.

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