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    On one of my posts the title – and tags -DO NOT show up in the archive version. This info DOES show up when the post is directly accessed. Maybe I edited/resaved it too many times, maybe lost connection when the post was still in my editor.

    No show for title and tags: http://truthandparadox.wordpress.com/2011/08/ (third post down from top, hiding between Duck Paradox and Compromise )

    But the Title and tags are visible in : http://truthandparadox.wordpress.com/2011/08/08/doing-it-once/

    What went wrong, and how can I fix it ?

    The blog I need help with is truthandparadox.wordpress.com.



    Did you put that in the Aside category? Asides have no titles.


    This one’s categorized as a Link

    But good to know for future about the Aside category.


    Open the one that is set to “link” in the editor and switch it back to post type standard and the title and stuff will then appear.


    aha. indeed, switching from “link” category to “standard” solved the problem.

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