Title of website cannot be seen in google search

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    I have given site’s title in “General” tab under Appearance.
    But when I do google search with the domain name, Instead of site’s title it comes as domain name.
    How to display my site’s title over there?
    I am using clean home theme.

    Please let me know, its urgent.


    The blog I need help with is nikhilpingle.com.



    Google does what Google feels like – the site linked to your site has no title anyway so what is the big deal – no content either I am surprised Google can even find the site.

    If you are asking about a different site we need the link to it to give you accurate advice.



    Sorry auxclass, I made almost all content private for this website.
    Actually, this is a gift I am creating for my boyfriend.

    But now I have made enough content public for this site.
    Now if you search his name (username) on google, it does not show that site’s title.

    Please let me know how to fix it?


    By waiting. Forty minutes ago auxclass said the site had no title: Google doesn’t crawl your site and update its index every five minutes.




    I am confused. I had my site’s title in place that time also, only it was hidden in “Header” section under “Apperance” tab, in “display header text” as “No”(radio button)

    Though, it does not show on actual site page, it should show in google search, isn’t it?
    Correct me if I am wrong.
    Now, as I have changed “display header text” to “yes”, do you think, site name will appear in google search?



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    It looks like you set your home page as a static page and made “Posts” the page where your 2 posts on the blog appear. Your “home” page (static) is blank! I’m not sure why you want that?

    But now I have made enough content public for this site.

    A blog with only two posts is not much for search engines to find, not much for your blog to appear at the top of their listings in any way.

    If your blog has a title, even if you don’t display it, then search engines should be able to find it. The bigger issue is that yours is a very “baby new small” blog. One needs consistent posts with original content to build readership and SEO ranking. It could take 6 weeks or longer. Patience, consistency, and posting…




    Thanks for your reply.
    My home page is not blank, I am not just displaying its content right now.
    I will wait till the time all the content of this website is made public…….
    If the title still doesn’t show in google search after that wait, I will continue on this same thread.

    Thank you all for your replies.


    @nikhilpingle: Yes, as Tess said, if you hide the blog title in Appearance>Header it will be invisible to visitors but visible to search engines. But I checked a cached page of your blog, and the sourcecode shows that (at least up to 06:00:20 GMT today) you hadn’t hidden the title, you had deleted it in Settings>General.


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    You would be better off to set you blog and posts and pages to the middle option if you want to ask questions in these forums. We volunteers often need to see links to what you are asking about.

    Ask search engines not to index this site. – If you want all human visitors to be able to read your blog, but want to block web crawlers for search engines, this is the setting for you.

    I’m thinking that you are changing things on that blog between asking your questions and getting answers?

    Either that or you are not quite understanding the difference between a draft post and a published post. Of course we volunteers can not see any sort of draft pages you have not yet published. Your home page is blank in terms of what you have published.


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    Sorry, here is the support document link to the various privacy settings:

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