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Title pages becoming 'Next Post' and 'Previous Post' when left blank

  1. Hey there,

    Looks like I carried out neatly without a CSS Upgrade at

    But there is one thing still troubling me. I've created about two pages in the blog and both have <no title> (I left the Title field blank deliberately as I was using a Custom Menu in the navigations and I did not want Page Titles to appear on Pages).

    After a while (maybe after some ten visits), I see that WordPress (or could be my Liquorice theme) changes the Page Title to 'Next Post' and 'Previous Post' (sometimes for both the pages, and sometimes for just one of them).

    Can anyone explain whats that happening? Doesnt WordPress allow Page titles to be left blank. :/


    The blog I need help with is

  2. I havent even started writing my blog yet and it came again! Automatically.

    ... The static page above reads 'Next Post' while it was supposed to be <blank>

    The ghost of wordpress is adding values in the field 'Title' of my static pages automatically. And what is interesting is that it happens after some 10 visits or about 20 idle minutes than generating the error immediately! Help!


  3. Perhaps this is happening because of what you are doing. Have your tried including page titles in the tile filed where the belong, and then including ONLY the pages you want to include in your custom menu?

  4. Ummm... It isnt like that.

    I deliberately want the Page Titles to be <blank> not because I want to omit them in the Navigation Menu but because I do not want the Page template of my theme to show Page Titles. Cant tweak PHP with so had to resort to this:

    I created the custom menu by using 'Custom Links' with a 'name' and then entering the Static Page Permalink in the URL field. This way my pages appear in the Navigation Menu and because the actual Page Title was <blank>, nothing but a blank line break appears in the actual page body. I thought I almost tricked it..

    Until I created another page with the <blank> title and named my pages 'Next Post' and 'Previous Post' on its own rights. Why is that?

    Thanks for help though, Timechief.

  5. I do understand you and I also understand how themes and the software are designed to be used. Please place your question in a support ticket and communicate directly with Staff

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