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Title shortening

  1. I am currently uploading file to my new blog. However when I save the page the link title shortens from that I have listed. Anyone have ideas why and how I can stop this. Thanks.

  2. G'morning,
    I'd like to help but do not have enough information.
    Is your blog a blog? If so what theme are you using? (The way the length of a title will be treated may be theme dependent. The urls for the title may also be theme dependent.)

    Or is your blog one that was downloaded from If so then this where to go for support because they run on different software.

  3. Just for reference, the poster is hosted here at He or she makes a post in another thread and gives a link.

    Would like to see an example though and see what's getting removed. I'm also wondering about the filename since I've seen the link URL change with *.pdfs uploaded.

  4. Sorry for the delay. Yes it is a blog ( What is happening is that I am uploading a PDF file and giving it a title which comes up correctly on the WYSIWYG editor. However, when saving it the first half of the title is cropped. I am sure I can get a workaround (eg. add a download item after the title instead of hyperlinking it all but would prefer not to if possible.

    To Give the specific problem
    The full title of the file is
    'Tradition and Historiography in Pentecostalism: A Historical-Theological Contribution".

    This displays fine but once it is saved all that is shown is the title:
    "A Historical-Theological Contribution".

    I hope that makes sense.

  5. Need to see it on your blog.....

  6. I put this into the title of a post on my test blog in the Contempt theme "Tradition and Historiography in Pentecostalism: A Historical-Theological Contribution" and it was not "shortened". Therefore, I believe this may be an issue that staff may have to be notified about via a feedback.

  7. This is probably an issue with colons in PDF files.

    Rename the file so that it doesn't have a colon (use - instead) and try to upload the file again.

  8. Engtech,

    Thanks, this seems to have cleared up the problem.

    Your help is much appeaciated.


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