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  1. Hello - I am curious if there is the capability to update the title tags to increase SEO matches in the .com version of WordPress. Right now the only thing that I think is possible, is updating the title of the blog to alter the tags, but that would also change the title in RSS feeds, etc. Thank you in advance for your guidance!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. We cannot play SEO games at This is a multiuser blogging platform. We cannot edit themes or templates. Only Staff can as every blog wearing the same theme is using the same template. When Staff do edit then all blogs wearing the same theme are all affected by the editing they do.
    Read very carefully please > vs. Differences >

    If you want to change your blog title and/or tagline that can be done here > Settings > General and that's where it ends.

  3. Thanks timethief - I'm well aware of the differences between .com and .org. There is absolutely no clear definition posted specifically about title tags, so I wanted to confirm my suspicions - thanks for doing that.

  4. Glad to help. You're welcome.

  5. Just to clarify, you cannot add meta data to your website. I was coming in here to find out why my meta data was being erased every time I put it in the HTML area.

  6. That's correct. Google stopped using meta data including key words ages ago and announced the same in 2009 as people were still hammering away on the topic.

    Note that we can verify our blog ownership of our blogs with the major search engines using this method

  7. WordPress.COM has more search engine juice than any other platform out there and if you set up a self-hosted wordpress install, and an identical blog on wordpress.COM, the wordpress.COM site would out SEO the self-hosted blog every time, no matter how much SEO'ing you did. WordPress.COM has HUGE SEO. There

  8. Yes indeed it does. I was wondering how long it would take for other Volunteers to post into this thread after I did ... LOL :D

  9. Ignore the errant "There" at the end. I was going to continue on, but decided not to.

  10. I could pick it up and run with it but I won't ;)

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