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titles above my posts.

  1. Post format titles (eg. 'aside', video', 'image' etc) have appeared above all my posts. This happened without me doing or changing anything. Is this a bug in the new look wordpress? This all happened around the 20th December. Never seen any titles above my posts before.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. It is not a bug. It's a change made by Staff. See here >

  3. Thanks. I have already read that but that doesn't mean the titles should be showing themselves above my post. This was posted back in July of last year. The titles never showed up on my posts until a bug hit the system in December.

  4. All you have in the post is an image and from what I understand that's the way they will display since the change ie. titles above.

  5. Please try editing the post and select the "standard" post format and then click update. Edit post screen >

  6. Is there anyway that I can talk with WordPress help desk like I was able to last year? I had asked how to display posts without titles above. They explained how to do that but since 20th December 'aside' etc has appeared all over my blogs. As this is not what I require is there a way to remove these stupid titles? Any thoughts? Cheers.

  7. If you are still creating all your posts on the front page of at this link!/post/ then you are creating asides - not standard posts.

    If you create your posts here on your own blog's Dashboard > > Posts > Add New at this link then you can select the "standard" post format in the far right hand column and this will not be an issue.

  8. As this is not what I require is there a way to remove these stupid titles? Any thoughts?

    I did tell you how to do that above here >

  9. Thanks. So standard allows me to have no 'aside' etc above. Except I now have to go through 750 posts by hand to make these changes.

    Is there any way I can contact WordPress directly like I could over the past year?

    Many Thanks in advance

  10. I tagged this thread for a Staff response. Please subscribe to it so you are notified when they respond.

  11. P.S. While waiting you can read this

  12. Thanks Timethief.

  13. For what it's worth, you can Bulk Edit your posts from the Edit Posts Screen.

    Mark the check box next to the posts you want to change and then use "Bulk Actions/Edit" in the dropdown menu and "Apply". Next change the "Format" to "Standard" and click "Update".

  14. @justjennifer
    I figured Staff would provide that. lol :D

  15. @tt I think Staff should reply about why they're making our sites fugly. :)

  16. @justjennifer
    Yo, don't crank me up again Jen. I'm a standup comedian, who can be silly, zny or cutting and if I choose the latter people bleed bigtime.

    Beauty is in the eyes of the those who have different tastes than yours or mine. I'm not a touch user. I'm a left to right reader. I'm not into the simplistic kindergarten look or the dumbed down features and the clumsy click - click -clicking at all. I'll bookmark the links I use. When all is said and done I can unfollow all the blogs I follow now and move the URLs into a reader I can control the display of. No biggee,right?

  17. Sorry, tt. Thanks to the mad weather we've been having I've been off my computer and apparently have thankfully missed most of the happenings on the forums and But now I'm going to go and quickly PDF that thread. :)

  18. @davidgtennant -

    Does the answers provided here help you or are you still having an issue? I checked and it is a sharp-looking site! But I'm glad to look at something closer.

    @justjennifer and @timethief - I always take your, and all user, suggestions seriously and back to the team for consideration. Obviously I like reading the happy reports better than the complaints, but there's more to learn from complaints!

  19. @zandyring

    Thanks for inquiring. The support team at WordPress looked into the issue and apparently something to do with a change to the 'Manifest' format made in December. They have fixed my blog back to the way it always appeared.
    Stay well

  20. I'm so glad you could get this resolved!

    Cheers :)

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