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    Now that I’ve added other authors to my blog, I’m looking at possibly changing from Digg 3 to P2 since it seems to be a better fit for group blogs (although this isn’t a Twitter-type short post blog). Does anyone know if the P2 theme allows you to show post titles? When I preview they don’t show, but just wondered if that’s a feature that can be turned on or off?

    The blog I need help with is misspreservation.com.



    It isn’t. I believe it’s just as you see it, without titles. And btw, if it matters to you, that will hurt you with search engine visibility.


    Ah, yes that does matter to me :-) Thanks for the advice, I think I’ll wait for another group-friendly option to come along. (Really the main thing I liked about it was that it shows the gravitars next to the post–Digg 3 has the author name, but I would like something that pops out a little more).



    Actually You can see the titles if You write Your posts from dashboard. When You use the mainpage textbox it doesn’t provide You with a title, but inserts the first paragraph in permalink instead, if You later try to edit the post in dashboard, You’ll see that the title is very much there…

    It works well if You use the textbox for shorter notes/replies and the dashboard for longer, more properly prepared posts.

    Oh yes, you can go to the P2 special settings and turn off the titles from all posts that show on the main page, but obviously wasn’t Your case :)

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